Here is some of what Random Engineering’s managing director Steve Randall has been up to:

February 17: Name In Space: Random Aerospace gets its name orbiting 500Km up in space - The Planet Labs Dove satellite bearing the Random Aerospace side panel is launched on PSLV-37 Video

July 16:  Steve again breaks the world record for an amateur high altitude balloon flight - achieving 45005m (147648 ft).

July 15:  GSBC - Random Aerospace wins the prize for highest altitude flight - 42895m (140732ft) The prize is to have the team name laser etched into a side panel of a Planet Labs Dove satellite.

November 14:  Movember: Promo for WheyHey and the Movember charity.  Rig build and flight. Video

September 14: Destiny Launch: Promo for Activision game launch - filming the “Traveler” at the edge of space.  Video

July 14: James May’s Toy Stories - Action Man at the speed of sound: Christmas Special first aired Christmas Day 2014. Rig Build, environmental testing and submission to CAA, obtaining special CAA permission for the rig drop.  Clip from Show

November 13: Space Proposal: 1st Wedding Proposal from “near space’. Stunning, stable views of a near space sunset captured in 1440p.  Float Sequence Full video click picture.

April 13: Channel 4 News Global Warming Cloud Cover piece.  Rig Build, Flight & recovery. Aired 11/04/13.

April 13: Bruizer film Agency, Consultancy, Tracking & Recovery. Two flights.

March 13: Ories in Space,  Promo for Ories Space Game, Rig build, launch, tracking & recovery.

February 13: Action for Children,  Eggbert which came first - Chicken or Egg?  2 Rigs, 2 simultaneous flights. Rig Build, Launch, Tracking recovery.

October 12: Dick & Dom’s Absolute Genius (CBBC)  Rig Build, Flight & recovery. First aired 30/01/13.

October 12: Kit-Kat. Filming a Kit-Kat chocolate bar at the edge of space.  Promotion for Felix Baumgartner Jump. Project put together and filmed at 1 days notice.

September 12: National Geographic - a physical National Geographic Logo filmed at over 20miles up for Fox International. Now airing.

September 12: James May’s Toy Stories - 2012 Christmas Special. Glider Tech Team and Tracking.

August 12: Red Dwarf.  Promo for Red Dwarf series 10. Launch Tracking & Recovery. (Filming rig built by clients.)

July 12: Olympics Opening Ceremony.

July 12: Gadget Show. Testing Sports Cameras at the “edge of space”. Camera rig build, launch, tracking.   First aired November 2012 Channel 5.

June 12: Manchester City Football Club - launch of new season football shirt to near space. See footage right.

May 12: Another record flight: Steve smashes his own altitude record by over another 1Km  achieving 43721 m (143,442ft).

April 12: Steve smashes the world record for an amateur high altitude balloon flight - achieving 42687m (140049 ft) - more than 1Km over the previous record.

March 12: The One Show with presenter Jamie Crawford - balloon launch with the One Show’s payload and chase across country.  Aired April 12.

October 11 - DoUpTo $15,000  competition joint prize winner - filming DoUpTo logo in near space.

September 11 - BBC3‘s Ask A stupid question with Greg FootHigh Altitude HD footage. First aired early 2012.

July 11 - James May’s Man Lab - Hydrogen vs Helium Balloons - for Plum Pictures. Hydrogen Balloon filling, chase and tracking. First aired late 2011.

Jan 11 - Samsung Project Space Planes - for The Viral Factory. Consultancy, Rig Build, environmental testing and training. The rig launched 100 paper planes (with SD cards attached) at 122,000ft over Germany.  See:

April 10 - Wallace and Gromit's World of Inventions - for Aardman Animations. Consultancy for modern re-creation of ground conduction wireless telephony experiment. First aired at the end of 2010.

November 09 - Children In Need – Pudsey at the edge of space with (ex Gadget Show) presenter Dallas Campbell.  Pudsey Bear taken on a ride to over 100,000ft.  Steve built the filming platform, launched filmed and recovered successfully.  See footage right.

September 09 - BBC2 Coast – A passive RADAR experiment with presenter Dr Alice Roberts (of Don’t Die Young) – creating a modern version of the famous Robert Watson-Watt experiment.  Filmed at Orford Ness home of RADAR development at the start of WWII.   The project involved developing a simple passive RADAR system – detecting a light aircraft at 2 miles range.  First aired August 2010

July 09 - Richard Hammond's Blast Lab – creation of a platform to film in near space environment. Platform built and readied for launch – but project cancelled due to film crew availability.

June 09 - Bang Goes The Theory – high altitude jump (presenter Jem Stansfield). Re-creation in miniature of the famous edge of space Joe Kittenger jump. Work involved creation of 2 independent filming platforms, launching, tracking and recovery of both. 2 HD and 2 SD miniature video cameras were used to get footage . Presenter model released at 102,800ft – the same altitude as the Kittinger Jump. 

June 08 - Britain From Above (presenter Andrew Marr). Felixstowe dock reconnaissance, liaison and support for filming of time lapse sequences - see clip below.